Valkyrie Investments

Wes Cowan

Managing Director
In addition to his role as Managing Director of Decentralized Finance at Valkyrie, Wes Cowan is the co-founder of the Valkyrie On Chain DeFi Fund. Prior to working in the blockchain sector, Wes was a Principal at JPMorgan managing over $800 Million, before leaving to start his own tech agency. He started mining Bitcoin out of his agency office in 2015 and has been deeply involved in the sector ever since. In 2020 he then co-founded On-Chain Partners and lead the development of DeFi Valuation & Yield aggregation software which was acquired through a merger by Valkyrie in 2021 to continue to scale and trade on the proprietary data. Wes graduated from New York University and is headquartered in Miami, FL. He currently holds his Series 3, the National Commodities Futures license administered by FINRA.