The world’s largest Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Officially Acquires JustSwap to Create The Largest Decentralized Exchange In The TRON Ecosystem: SUNSwap

October 20, 2021

Due to TRON’s heavy investment on DeFi and TRON’s advanced public chain technology, JustSwap and have been growing rapidly. Their joined efforts on TRON century mining have been fruitful.

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Decision of TRON Foundation and Justin Sun on Unlimited 1:1 withdrawal of TRX on OKEx

September 16, 2021

Dear TRON Community, According to the “Withdrawal suspension announcement” by OKEx Exchange on October 16, it is currently unable to withdraw assets on OKEx due to special reasons, and the recovery time has not been set yet, which results in the assets of OKEx users unable to circulate and be withdrawn freely. After careful consideration, […]

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Official Release of the New TRON Mascot — TRON-BULL

January 05, 2021

The core design of TRON-BULL was inspired by the resemblance between the letter T in TRON and the horn of a bull.

The three lines that form the symbol T in TRON’s logo can extend infinitely in space and shape, a symbolic extension of the TRON brand, and is a key element in the TRON-BULL design concept and becoming a distinct visual Supersign.

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BitGo Successfully Launches Wrapped Bitcoin and ETH on TRON Blockchain, Accelerating Unlimited Potential of DeFi

January 05, 2021

TRON, one of the largest and most popular blockchain-based operating systems in the world, together with BitGo, the leader in digital asset financial services, have successfully launched Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and the newly minted Wrapped Ether (WETH) on the TRON blockchain as TRC20 tokens. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is pegged to Bitcoin and has over $3B worth […]

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Announcement | Latest Update on Unlimited 1:1 Withdrawal of TRX on OKEx (First batch)

October 21, 2020

At present, TRON has helped 16 OKEx users withdraw their TRX, and the TRON Foundation has transferred a total of 9419739.963519 TRX, worth 247268.174 USD according to the CMC price of TRX at the time of press, to the wallet addresses offered by these users at a 1:1 ratio.

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SUN Genesis mining & Mining rules

September 02, 2020

To participate in Genesis Mining, simply deposit your TRX in the wallet (TronLink, imtoken, TokenPoket, BitPie wallet and BitKeep) and login into the Official website SUN.Market or using the wallet. This is how users can take part in the initial mining of SUN.

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BitTorrent Unveils Token to Enhance World’s Largest Decentralized P2P Protocol

January 03, 2019

BitTorrent Inc., a leader in peer-to-peer protocols and products, announced a token that aims to expand upon its vision of a decentralized internet. The new token, also called BitTorrent (BTT), will be issued by BitTorrent Foundation, established in Singapore and will enable users to exchange tokens to improve network speed.

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TRON unveils TRON Arcade: 100 Million USD Game Fund

November 29, 2018

On November 29, 2018, San Francisco time, TRON unveiled that it will establish blockchain game fund TRON Arcade, with up to $100M to be invested in the project for the next 3 years, building the foundation for a robust blockchain game ecosystem. The main goal of the fund is to empower developers to create and execute on their ideas, to introduce new games and content into an autonomous ecosystem, and to build a strong community of content and entertainment.

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BitTorrent Accepts TRON, Binance and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies for Pro & Ads Free Products

November 27, 2018

 BitTorrent, Inc., the company behind the world’s most popular P2P communications protocol and products, namely BitTorrent and µTorrent, today announced that customers can pay for its popular Pro and Ads Free products in TRX, BNB, and BTC. With the help of, a leading integrated payment gateway provider for cryptocurrencies, BitTorrent introduces decentralized currencies into one of the world’s largest decentralized applications.

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Justin Sun Pledges $10,000 to

November 01, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., — November 1, 2018 — Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON, whose foundation is building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet, today pledged a donation of $10,000 to The donation will help fund efforts to educate voters in key districts across the country to vote pro-net neutrality and support lawmakers to reverse the decision that ended net neutrality.

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