Officially Acquires JustSwap to Create The Largest Decentralized Exchange In The TRON Ecosystem: SUNSwap

October 20, 2021 Officially Acquires JustSwap to Create The Largest Decentralized Exchange In The TRON Ecosystem: SUNSwap

As two essential components of the TRON DeFi ecosystem, JustSwap, TRON’s first token exchange protocol and, TRON’s first one-stop platform that incorporates stablecoin swap, token mining and self-governance, have gained significant support ever since their launch and created new rounds of hype around mining.

We’re glad to announce that has acquired JustSwap and was upgraded to the most prominent decentralized exchange in the TRON ecosystem: SUNSwap.The upgraded SUNSwap will incorporate TRON on-chain token swap, liquidity mining, stablecoin swap, staking and self-governance, benefiting the TRON DeFi ecosystem by giving total effort to the DEX system. Furthermore, as a native utility token on SUNSwap, SUN will be used to govern the platform, reward liquidity providers, and buy back tokens with revenue on the platform, manifesting TRON’s original aspiration to extend benefits to the broader public.

The Iconic Duo Showing Great Strength

Looking back, JustSwap and, often known as “The Iconic Duo of TRON”, have been leading the industry with outstanding. As a result, its achievements even since their inception. Over 79435 trading pairs have been listed on JustSwap since its inception on August 18, 2020. It has hit a record high of over $2.2 billion 24-hour liquidity, and more than $830 million trading volume; since its first genesis mining in September 2020, has experienced continuous updates and iterations based on its own positioning. Up until today, they have grown into an one-stop platform that incorporates stablecoin swap, token mining, and self-governance, reaching an astonishing record of over $1.3 billion TVL.

Due to TRON’s heavy investment on DeFi and TRON’s advanced public chain technology, JustSwap and have been growing rapidly. Their joined efforts on TRON century mining have been fruitful. With s total of $70 million rewards were distributed in TRX, WBTT, WIN, JST, and SUNOLD, etc, it’s known as the most extensive and rewarding DeFi mining campaign in the crypto industry.

TRON has formed a sound DeFi ecosystem with SUN and JST tokens as the major tokens since its inroads into the DeFi industry. Moving forward, SUN will be a symbol of the decentralized trading platform with SUNSwap (formerly JustSwap) integrating the trading of all TRC20 tokens backed by the AMM algorithm and integrating TRON’s existing stablecoin ecosystem which includes USDT, USDC, TUSD, and USDJ, realizing one-click trading within TRON’s ecosystem. JST is the foundation of the TRON’s JUST ecosystem, where USDJ was first brought to the limelight as the platform token. Now it is integrated into the JustLend platform, becoming the platform token of TRON’s decentralized lending protocol, and the foundation of the entire decentralized financial ecosystem on TRON.’s acquisition of JustSwap signifies the in-depth integration of the advantages of the two platforms. With this upgrade, SUNSwap will support direct transactions between TRC20 pairs and offer liquidity, hugely improving users’ experience and making things much easier for liquidity market makers. Additionally, the further integrated SUNSwap platform also supports more staking pools and shares SUN platform tokens as incentives, striving to become a decentralized exchange that incorporates mining, stablecoin swap, and multi-asset pool swap.

SUNSwap Integrates Advantages to Achieve Rapid Expansion

The successful acquisition of JustSwap by is more than a combination of functions of the two original platforms, but more importantly an in-depth integration of the advantages of both sides in different fields on TRON DeFi. The upgraded SUNSwap can serve as a DEX and support stablecoin transactions, which is similar to the combination of Uniswap and Curve on Ethereum. It is a huge innovation for both the TRON network and the DeFi industry. With the integration of BTTC decentralized cross-chain bridge and the realization of all-chain transactions, SUNSwap will definitely become the largest and most decentralized exchange in the whole industry.

We will take steady steps in upgrading SUNSwap. In the initial stage, we’ve formulated the following roadmap.

Stage I: acquires JustSwap to create SUNSwap, TRON’s largest decentralized exchange with the advantages of both sides. Meanwhile, the SUN token will be upgraded to be platform tokens of SUNSwap for governance purposes.

Stage II: Develop and build SUNSwap v1.5 to strengthen the properties of SUN token as a platform token, so that it can be widely used to reward liquidity providers and buyback tokens with revenue on the platform, etc. In addition, SUNSwap’s platform proceeds will also be used to buy back and burn SUN to boost the value of SUN tokens.

Stage III: Build SUNSwap V2.0 and improve the liquidity mining feature.

Stage IV: Build SUNSwap v2.5. will integrate, add an aggregation pool, and integrate the features of veSUN.

Phase V: Fully introduce DEX multi-form trading mode and enable trading futures and other derivatives.

Looking ahead, the TRON DeFi ecosystem will keep its rapid expansion momentum and form a comprehensive industry chain that includes lending, staking, asset management, trading, liquidity, stablecoins, among others, with JST and SUN serving as fundamental tokens of the ecosystem. SUNSwap will also help boost TRON by enriching the product ecosystem. It will fully expand itself and finally become TRON’s largest decentralized exchange.

Lastly, we would like to say that we cannot move forward without the strong support of every user and developer in our community. All community members are welcome to voice their opinions to take the project to the next level. Members with outstanding contributions will have the opportunity to receive SUN rewards. Of course, developers and liquidity providers are welcome to contact us and share the platform dividends. Please contact us via [email protected].