Are you fluent in Solidity? Yeah, I’m solid. TRON is, too.

February 15, 2023

Are you fluent in Solidity? Yeah, I’m solid. TRON is, too.

Gabriella and Gavin first connected at a blockchain developer’s meetup. Gabriella had recently taken an engineering internship with a DeFi startup, and Gavin was considering a freelance contract to build a minimum viable product for a promising GameFi startup. Gabriella and Gavin immediately clicked. 

About three blockchain developer meetups and a couple of months of dating later, they were sitting together at their university’s Blockchain Club workshop. A small team of leaders representing TRON DAO had come to teach, plus there was free pizza and free t-shirts. So, Gabriella and Gavin showed up. 

“#BUIDLtheFUTURE with TRON,” the slide on the screen read. 

“The #HODL and #BUIDL hashtags are funny,” Gavin remarked. 

“Do you know much about TRON?” Gabriella had been researching multi-chain options for an upcoming business development initiative with her DeFi startup. TRON was on her radar, but she didn’t know much about developing on it. 

“I don’t know much about it. I don’t know many developer friends who are building on it either.” Gavin was rolling through his young but growing network in his head. 

“We were just talking about this in the office the other day,” a voice inserted itself into the conversation, which by the look on their faces, Gabriella and Gavin welcomed. “My name is Ejaz.” 

“Hey, Ejaz! I’m Gabriella, and this is Gavin. What do you do for TRON?” The hoodie Ejaz had on made it obvious where he worked. 

“I’m a Developer Lead,” Ejaz replied. “What you said about not knowing any developers building on TRON, that’s what we discussed as a team the other day. We wondered, ‘Are people not building on TRON because they don’t like it, OR are they not building on TRON because they aren’t aware of the opportunities, funding, and developer community?’ We feel like it’s the latter, and from what you’re saying, maybe we’re right.”

“Yeah. Maybe so. All I’ve done so far is a little building on Ethereum and Arbitrum,” Gavin was proud to say. “Sell us on why we should consider building the future on TRON.” The three of them chuckled. 

“Seriously, TRON’s programming language is Solidity?!?” Gabriella had done a quick web search.

Siri interrupted – Solidity is a computer programming language that was built to run the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is shaped by existing languages C++, Python, and JavaScript and is primarily designed to allow smart contracts to function on the network.”

All three laughed.

“Oh, man. Siri thought she was summoned when I said ‘seriously,’” Gabriella smirked. 

“Well, Siri defined it well. She must read Decrypt regularly,” Ejaz quipped. “Gavin, did you know that the person who gets credited with originally creating Solidity is named Gavin? Gavin Wood was CTO for Ethereum for two years. His idea was further developed by a team led by Christian Reitwiessner, who doesn’t get quite the press that Gavin does.”

“Nice name,” Gavin smiled. 

“Yeah. Solidity is what developers use to build on TRON,” Ejaz explained. “What’s interesting is that, for the most part, whatever you can create on an EVM chain, you can create on TRON, especially when it comes to DeFi-related applications. And you can build on TRON for a lot cheaper than on many popular EVM chains. Not knocking anyone, though. We recommend that you build multi-chain because that’s what the decentralized future is sure to be. We just think you should consider building on TRON!”

“I was researching multi-chain options the other day at work. I am an intern with a DeFi startup, and we are looking into multi-chain options. This is a timely conversation!” Gabriella was invigorated. 

“That’s really cool! Well, maybe your company can partner with TRON,” Ejaz suggested. “So, you guys know Solidity, I’m assuming?”

“Yeah, I’m solid.” Gavin had a dry sense of humor. Gabriella smiled fondly. 

“That’s a good one,” Ejaz grinned like he hadn’t heard it before. “TRON exists to enable a decentralized infrastructure that will empower global commerce and community for every human on the planet. Decentralized applications can be created on TRON using the most commonly used blockchain programming language today – Solidity, while leveraging one of the most consistent, fast, low-cost, and reliable networks around. TRON has a proven track record since 2017.”

Again, after a quick web search, Gabriella declared, “TRON Academy is really cool! We need to partner officially as a blockchain club with you all!” 

“That would be awesome!” Ejaz was glad to have engaged Gavin and Gabriella. “Students have empowering opportunities to learn with TRON Academy. Plus, students and startups alike can build MVPs and dApps through the HackaTRON, apply for funding from our cluster of Ecosystem Fund options, engage with the TRON Climate Initiative, and even get mentions from our collaborative marketing team. We try to highlight winners of the HackaTRON as well as teams building solutions in the TRON ecosystem.” 

“That’s amazing! Lots of opportunities,” Gavin’s wheels were turning, thinking about the MVP he was building for the GameFi startup. 

“For sure! I feel like I’ve sold you on it already,” Ejaz sensitively yet passionately disclaimed, “but I will also mention that teams who build on TRON are connecting their products to the second largest stablecoin highway in the world. Applications built on TRON are bridging commerce from the east to the west. It really is a chance to #BUIDLtheFUTURE, as the hashtag says.”

“Wow,” Gabriella noted how meaningful this could be for the research project. “DeFi seems to be TRON’s specialty, and it’s what our company is fully vested in. It sounds like TRON is working hard to build the future of how the world sends and spends money!”

“You could say that! Well, let’s talk more after the workshop. It looks like Feroz is about to get started. Maybe after, we could grab some grub together? We could bring a few other TRON team members if you’re open to it.” Ejaz felt like this had been a meaningful conversation, both for his ability to express TRON’s strengths and for the sake of Gabriella and Gavin’s development in the future.

“How many of you already know the programming language Solidity?” That’s the question Feroz, another TRON team member, posed to kick off the workshop. About half of the hands in the room went up. 

“Appropriate,” Gabriella thought. Gavin began devouring his fifth piece of pizza. 

“People don’t realize how easy it is to build on TRON,” Feroz continued. “TRON is resolved to #BUIDLtheFUTURE of decentralized commerce and community for every human on the planet. We would love for each of you to imagine what you can build on TRON!”

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