January 29 to February 4 TRON Weekly Update Video

February 09, 2023

January 29 to February 4 TRON Weekly Update Video

What’s up guys?!? Welcome back to another weekly update where I share the news from this past week at TRON. Let’s get straight into it!


  1. TRON’s blockchain height exceeded 48.24M, with a total of 5,756 nodes across the network.
  1. The total number of accounts on TRON MainNet reached 140,043,013, with 1,503,975 new accounts added this week.
  1. The total number of transactions on TRON reached 4.79B, and 54.01M new transactions were recorded this week.
  1. The TVL on TRON surpassed $11.4B.
  1. Season 4 of the TRON Grand Hackathon, also known as HackaTRON, has officially started. This season includes six tracks: Web3, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, Builder, and Eco-Friendly, with a prize pool of 500,000 USDD. Huobi is collaborating with TRON to sponsor this season. 
  1. On January 27, TRON launched the TRON Climate Initiative (TCI) to lead the charge for a sustainable future in blockchain. TRON Academy has become the official sponsor of the Princeton Blockchain Club, and the two will collaborate to build a vibrant and diverse network for Web3 natives on campus. TRON Academy, in collaboration with the TRON Climate Initiative, also recently launched a research competition with generous prizes of up to 7,000 USDD.
  1. On January 29, H.E. Justin Sun, stated on social media that his KPI for 2023 is to get five countries to adopt TRX as legal tender.
  1. On January 30, Justin Sun stated on social media that TRON is set to establish an A.I. research team and partner with big A.I. players to take advantage of the potential for A.I. and crypto to work together.
  1. TRONSCAN now supports searching addresses by ending characters (no less than five characters).

This has been another weekly update. Thank you so much for watching!

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