SPECIAL REPORT: TRON Bull Goes on Discovery Mission to Uncover What Governments Think about Crypto

November 21, 2022

SPECIAL REPORT: TRON Bull Goes on Discovery Mission to Uncover What Governments Think about Crypto

The TRON DAO Bull went on an around-the-world trek recently. It was not only to make stops at Messari Mainnet in NYC and Binance Blockchain Week in Paris. No, his real purpose was investigative reporting. He wanted to find out how governments are dealing with crypto. It had been troubling to him that most were unclear, while some were even stubbornly silent. What gives?!?

Here are a few bullet points on what he discovered:

  • Following a foremost feast of the Japenese-Argentinian fusion fine-dining at Andō in Hong Kong, the TRON Bull was flabbergasted to find out China is now letting investment advisors manage crypto custodial accounts for professional investors, IF they educate them well on all the risks of crypto. “AND the benefits!” the TRON Bull thought.
  • A meditation moment at the Taj Mahal left the TRON Bull with a peaceful, easy feeling. He then strolled alongside the river Yamuna as he pondered the fact that India’s government has not made clear statements about crypto. “However,” he reflected, “they are allowing its use in some cases,” which the TRON Bull appreciated.
  • Grateful for a glass full at El Copitas, one of the most highly reviewed bars in St. Petersburg, Russia, the TRON Bull was glad to hear that the government there plans to utilize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for international trade and monetary movement beginning in 2023!
  • After the TRON Bull enjoyed a casual walk down the side of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, he delighted in some spicy sausage with pomegranate syrup at the Fork N Knife with our founder. H.E. Justin Sun told the TRON Bull that the UAE had plans to become one of the premier global hubs for crypto! How cool is that!!!
  • Fresh off of a fabulous fondue experience at Restaurant Teufi in Davos, Switzerland, the TRON Bull was filled with joy to find out European leaders at the World Economic Forum had reached a tentative agreement in the summer of 2022 focused on allowing innovation and fostering attractiveness for crypto. The TRON Bull considers himself quite attractive and is excited that the EU thinks crypto is too!
  • Chilling with a Chai Latte after changing clothes from a dive in Champagne Reef just south of Rousseau, Dominica, TRON Bull was challenged by the local guide to get prepared for the day when they could all exchange for some DMC currency. The Dominica Coin (DMC) will be a blockchain-based fan token purposed to raise awareness of Dominica’s natural heritage as well as to help promote its tourist attractions on a worldwide scale. TRON is partnering to deliver it, marking the first time a major public blockchain has partnered with a sovereign nation to enhance its national blockchain infrastructure.
  • The TRON Bull arrived in Washington, D.C. only to be disappointed that Ray’s Hell Burger, one of former President Barack Obama’s favorite spots to sneak out to, had closed. He was also disappointed to find out how fickle the US government was on crypto. Not even the states can agree on how to handle it. Wyoming seems the most welcoming. The TRON Bull heard that Wyoming is quite nice in the Fall. Oh yeah, he did find out that more BitTorrent File System Nodes exist in the US than any other country in the world, which made the TRON Bull smile!

“The future of macroeconomics is up for decentralized ownership,” the TRON Bull imagined. “Will places like Satoshi Island and NEOM give us the necessary narratives to finally picture how beautiful the crypto culture could really be, once established?” 

We will see, TRON Bull. We will see.