August 16, 2022


What is the TRON DAO grants program? 

Our grants program was established to support the community of blockchain builders within the TRON DAO ecosystem at large. 

What type of grants are available? 

We have separate grants programs for community members, developers and influencers that are actively supporting our ecosystem and engaged within our community and platform. This is a more grass-roots scale grants program to support individuals and teams that are active in this regard. 

We also have established a $1 Billion Ecosystem Fund – with just over $100 Million in grant allocations and funds reserved for larger scale project evaluation and support annually between 2021-2031.

What is the difference between the Community/Developer/Influencer grants and the $1B Eco System Fund Grant? 

The first three grant categories are reserved for more grass roots community building support within our ecosystem – as a way to reward active Tronics who have been building something meaningful and impactful on chain or within a community that is engaged with and supportive of TRON DAO. 

The $1B Ecosystem Fund was established to promote the growth of our ecosystem at large over a decade. These funds are set aside to fuel the growth of the most impactful projects, protocols and blockchain integrations and can be more substantial than the community/developer/influencer related grants projects.

Which grant should I apply for?

Community Ambassador Grant Program: 

  • Are you an active Tronic with an established and engaged following within a Web3/Blockchain community? 
  • Love to share and discuss the most recent updates within the TRON ecosystem? 
  • Help lead a community of Tronics and keep everyone informed about recent news and ecosystem updates? 

If this sounds like you and you love to support and celebrate the accomplishments of our DAO – then this is the grant for you. 

Our Community Ambassadors that apply for this grant are excited to share updates with their communities – and we have built this grant to reward you for your efforts and support the growth of your own community as well.

Developers Grant Program: 

  • Are you a Web3 builder with a passion for our EVM compatible chain, our low transaction fees and lightning quick transaction speeds? 
  • Excited to build on a chain that provides cross-chain capabilities via BTTC so you can easily bridge to ETH and BNB chains? 
  • A solidity or rust developer that wants to build on a chain that just works? 
  • Do you tell all your developer friends about what you’re building on TRON and the benefits of our chain? 

If this sounds familiar and you have relationships with developers in the blockchain space and are excited to get all of the most recent TRON updates and tools – then this is the grant for you. 

Our Developers that apply for this grant are excited to share repo updates/tools and more within their networks. If you are already keeping a group of TRON developers updated and in the loop on all things Tronic we encourage you to apply. 

Influencers Grant Program: 

  • Are you an influencer in the crypto community that has built an audience on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok or elsewhere? 
  • Do you love following TRON news and keeping your audience engaged with the most recent content available? 
  • Looking to expand and continue to grow your channel but in need of a way to support that growth monetarily? 

If this sounds familiar and you love being in the loop on our chain’s most recent news, are looking for strategic relationships to help grow your channels, and want to continue to be engaged with the TRON DAO community – then the Influencers Grant Program is for you. 

Our Influencers that apply for this grant are generally building channels on Twitter and/or YouTube, but we will consider supporting any engaged communities that are excited to be looped in with our team and ecosystem. If you have at least 5,000 active and engaged followers/subscribers that you love to share TRON news with, we encourage you to apply. 

$1 Billion Ecosystem Fund

  • Are you building or deploying a project that you feel can change the world and have a meaningful impact on our daily lives in the future? 
  • Have you deployed a protocol or integrated a technology within the space on TRON that has disrupted the previous way of doing things? 
  • Are you looking for funding to support your project from boot-strap to seed stage development phases or beyond? 

If this sounds familiar to you and your team – then the $1B Ecosystem Fund is the grant program for you. 

Our $1B Ecosystem Fund is robust, and we invite projects who know they are working hard and making a measurable difference and impact in our ecosystem to apply. 

How do I apply for a grant? 

This is easy! To apply, just scroll above or below on and click the blue “Apply Now” button for the grant that is most suitable:

How long does it take to review a grant application and hear back? 

Generally speaking, the team will review grants and get back with a decision within a one to two week time frame. We do reserve the right to take more time to research any projects or communities when required.

If approved, how will I receive funds for the grant? 

Grant funds will be delivered to your TRON wallet in the form of $USDD, the firstover-collateralized decentralized stablecoin.

Is there anything I should do after I submit an application for a grant? 

Just keep an eye on your inbox for our reply!

Should I apply for a grant before or after I start building my project?

Great question – generally after you start building but this can depend on which grant you are applying for and what your project looks like. 

For our Community Ambassador, Developer and Influencer grants, it makes most sense to have an established community or channel before applying so you can share the work you are doing as criteria for consideration.

For the $1B ecosystem fund, there may be a possibility to receive a grant for an idea with the right team and track record. But generally, proof of concept is best as well as having a working iteration of your development.

All grants are milestone based, so before applying we encourage you to think critically about which milestones you expect to achieve and in what time frame. This is a core part of our selection criteria and process. 

What types of projects are you actively funding? 

DeFi, GameFi, Developer Tooling, NFT, Education, Community Building Tools, Social Impact are primary interests of ours – however, any project that positively impacts the TRON community/ecosystem and the space at large is welcomed for consideration.