TRON (TRX) listed on BITBOX, LINE’s exchange

August 15, 2018

TRON (TRX) listed on BITBOX, LINE’s exchange

On August 15, a global mobile platform service company LINE Corporation announced that it has added TRON (TRX) to BITBOX, their recently launched cryptocurrency exchange.

LINE, one of the most successful messaging platforms, connects over 200 million users from around the world. Providing a new service to manage cryptocurrencies is a natural step towards fulfilling the growing demand for easier, faster, and more secure financial services.

BITBOX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, operated by LINE Tech Plus, a Singapore-based company under both LVC Corporation and LINE Corporation. The launch of BITBOX is part of a wide range of finance-related initiatives from LINE as it seeks to become a leader in the fintech industry.

Focused on a user-centered experience and first-rate customer support, as well as the highest levels of security and transparency, BITBOX is currently available in 15 languages, on desktop and mobile. The service provides various trading options, currently available in global regions (except in Japan, the United States, and certain restricted territories) and crypto to crypto.

“Integrating TRON (TRX) with BITBOX will enable us to connect with the world’s fastest-growing blockchain project,” said Youngsu Ko, CEO of LINE Tech Plus, LINE’s Singapore-based subsidiary that operates BITBOX. “TRON has a solid tech platform, especially now it has joined forces with BitTorrent. We look forward to building a strategic partnership with TRON and offering our users the best experience available in the cryptocurrency space.”​

“We are very excited to partner with LINE on their launch into the cryptocurrency space,” said Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON. “We will use our expertise in the industry to help LINE provide fast and secure cutting-edge crypto exchange services. By joining this vibrant project, we aim to reach a broader audience, extend our services to mobile, and connect the dots with our other products, which have more than 100M+ users (e.g. BitTorrent, Peiwo). We are looking forward to working further with LINE on more product integration.”

About TRON

TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. Since its successful Testnet launch in March 2018, TRON has followed with a series of achievements, including Mainnet launch in May, network independence in June, and virtual machine launch on Testnet in July. That same month, TRON acquired BitTorrent, a pioneer in the decentralized services. As of now, TRON is the world’s biggest decentralized network with over 100M users. TRON’s virtual machine will be live on Mainnet August 30th Singapore time.

About TRX

TRX is also listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, BitMEX, etc. Getting listed on BITBOX means more international recognition of TRON’s dedication to a decentralized internet, especially in regions like Korea and Japan.