5 Reasons why Tron is one of the best cryptocurrency 

March 07, 2018

5 Reasons why Tron is one of the best cryptocurrency 

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By TinyTimii

The world of cryptocurrency becomes more popular each day. With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple owning the top spots of the market there are many hidden gems with great potential that could overthrone them. Today we will talk about 5 reasons why Tron is one of the best cryptocurrency. Before we begin let’s take a look at what exactly is Tron.

Tron | A revolutionary cryptocurrency

Tron is a cryptocurrency aiming to decentralize and to put the entertainment industry on blockchain. It’s goal is to eliminate websites/companies ( Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) providing a way for content creators (Musicians, bloggers, photographers, etc) to communicate directly with its audience. It uses peer-to-peer technology and smart contracts to do so. The founder, Justin Sun is a very bright and knowledable man, was in the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list in 2017. If you don’t really understand what I just said think of it this way…

Its like posting a tweet/picture/video to your followers but without the need of a social media site.

Let us jump into the 5 reasons why I think Tron is one of the best cryptocurrencies.

#1 The market Tron targets is huge

Tron aims to change the entertaiment industry…THATS A REALLY BIG MARKET! The market is estimated to be $2.2 TRILLION by 2021. Its not just how big the market is, the influence the entertaiment industry has in our lives is also very impactful. We are currently living in a digital world consuming content from videos to music every single day. Once Tron reaches its full potential it will influence and impact us in a way like we have never seen before. Everybody on Earth will be using Tron in their everyday lives.We will use Tron to watch movies, watch videos, play music, post pictures, etc. Moreover Tron also plans to decentralize the gaming industry, which is a $108.9 Million industry in 2017! We might be using Tron more frequent than any other cryptocurrency out there.

It does not matter who you are, what industry sector you live in, or what age you are, Tron will be part in each of our lives.

#2 The partnership Tron has with other companies

When thinking about changing the entertaiment industry, you have to first break into the industry. Even at its early stages of development, Tron has already establish partnerships with amazing companies.

Here are some of the partnerships Tron has with companies

Let us break down the entertaiment and gaming industry with these partnerships.

· Peiwo and Gifto will help Tron conqure the picture, video and blog sector.

· Baofend will help Tron conqure the video streaming sector

· Obike will help spread awareness of Tron as many young adults use this app

· Game.com will help Tron conqure the gaming sector.

These partnerships already help the Tron protocol reach millions of users and this is just the beginning of Tron’s development. You might not see the effect if you live in the west but over here in Asia it is a big thing. Everything that starts from the east can go to the west (Alibaba, Oneplus, Samsung, Nitendo, etc). Partnerships will be a key anchor in helping Tron become the number 1 cryptocurrency in the world.

#3 Tron has a dream team

The founder of Tron and his works

The team for Tron, click here to read more about the team.

Some investors of Tron

As you can clearly see, the Tron protocol has a dream team. Every single one of the members are highly qualified in their field of work. Some of the members and investors are in the entertaiment industry. With a skillful team, Tron can deliver what it promises. Although Tron’s roadmap seems long, it seems logical to take their time to change the internet. With a longer roadmap, the team can slowly craft a successful Tron Protocol.

#4 Tron is transparent with it’s community

Click here to check out Tron’s official twitter page

Communication is key for the development of a crypto and Tron delivers it well. Tron and Justin is active on their Twitter accounts providing information for us the community. They constantly update us with announcements and development updates. Tron also does live streaming when there are major updates/news that needs to be address. This transparency allows us to follow Tron step by step in their development and it ensures us that Tron is doing the right thing giving us a sense of trust in the Tron Protocol. This also has an advantage for Tron as it gains community feedback to help improve their development by engaging with the community.

We will be like parents watching a child grow up

#5 Tron will solve many problems in the world

The Tron protocol’s vision plans to solve many different problems we are currently facing. A decentralized networks means nobody gets to controls what you can publish and no particular companies can dominate the entertaiment industry. Tron also aims to provide a seemingless protocol to transfer digital assets. This means you can potentially use your gaming item to buy a new phone. This is such a big leap in advancement of technology. Tron will also provide so many new oppotunities for people making some of our dreams easier to become a reality.


With all of this said, Tron is set to become a dominant cryptocurrency in the future. I truly believe in the vision of the project and the team behind it. My hope is that one day we will all realize the full potential of the Tron Protocol and use it to make the world a better place. I won’t be suprised if this becomes a top 3 cryptocurrency in the world 🙂

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